2021 OKE Team buiding Activities

In this cold winter, we finally see bright sunshine.On December 4-5, 2021, OKE company organized a team building activity with the theme of "Self-breakthrough, Melting Team", involving more than 400 people from various departments.?Different from traditional competitive events, this activity aims to release the pressure of work after busy work, make happiness no longer depressed, enhance confidence from now on, and gather strength quietly.


Seek innovation, promote industry development

The 3rd OKE CNC Tool Industry Summit Forum and new product press conference were successfully held in — Zhuzhou, "carbide" City on December 12,2021. With the theme of "Seeking Innovation, Promoting Industry Development, Casting Brand Power", this forum invited many experts, scholars and insiders to gather together.


Focus [seeking innovation · promoting industry development]

December 12,2021, the first sub-forum of CNC Tool Industry Summit Forum was held in Hilton Hotel Zhuzhou, with the theme of "seeking innovation · promoting industry development —— cermet saw tips Product Seminar".


Focusing on “country's 14th Five-Year Plan”

The ceremony of the 9th China Aviation Propulsion Technology International Forum was held successfully in Changsha, Hunan on Dec. 16th.The theme of forum this year is ”Focusing on country's 14th Five-Year Plan,pushing new driving force wisely“, more than 200 experts and enterprise representatives attended it.


OKE Won the "2020 Metalworking Industry - Ringier Technology Innovation Awards"

Honor moment      Ringier Technology Innovation Awards Ceremony was held in the Longemont Shanghai Hotel on 26th August, 2020. OKE star product "Flying Stream” series inserts for stainless steel processing won 2020 Metalworking Industry- Ringier Technology Innovation Awards"!   Mr. Tan Wenqing, general manager of OKE received the award       Since 2006, "Ringier Technology Innovation Awards" has attracted attention of the industry with its fair and objective selection process, and has become one of the most professional and influential industry selections in China.     As the unique domestically-made CNC cutting tool brand that won this award, Mr Tan Wenqing, the general manager of OKE, attended the award ceremony and made a speech. Mr Tan said: " The Ringier Technology Innovation Awards is an encouragement and motivation for OKE. The achievements of OKE independent innovation are recognized by experts and users! OKE's enthusiasm and dedication to research and development are remembered! In the future, OKE will continue to plough the waves, break through more technical bottlenecks, and master more comprehensive core technologies in order to realize the transformation from “Made in China” to “Created by China”, from “Chinese Speed” to “Chinese Quality”, from “Chinese Products” to “Chinese Brands”,  enhance the discourse power of domestic tools in high-end tool market home and abroad and let Chinese CNC cutting tools shine in the world!"   Mr. Tan Wenqing, general manager of OKE received the award   Award-winning product introduction Flying Stream Series-Stainless steel processing inserts: further enhancing discourse power of domestic tool         Flying stream series - stainless steel processing inserts series adopt TiSiN-TiAlN multi layer nano composite coating with hardness gradient characteristics and crystal structure that has complementary advantage. Through precise process control, the Si element is used to refine the grains of the TiN layer with the Si3N4 amorphous phase to generate a nano-composite layer, achieving 40Gpa high hardness and excellent surface roughness of TiSiN layer.     Combined with a number of creative structural designs, this series of products finally exhibits wide applicability and high stability in the field of stainless steel processing, widely used in many industries such as automobiles, rail transit, aerospace, molds, medical care, and sanitary ware etc. The self-developed OP series PVD coated inserts for stainless steel have been fully demonstrated by OKE and the market, and have been widely recognized by the market, which has enhanced the discourse power of national brand cutting tools in the high-end tool market home and abroad.   2020 High-Efficiency Processing and Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development Summit   High-end manufacturing and advanced technology application conference and award ceremony scene       At the same time, in order to promote the development of the industry and help the improvement of basic manufacturing equipment and technology, OKE participated in the HPM High-Efficiency Processing Summit, and carried out practical communication with Shanghai Science and Technology Association, Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Society, Shanghai Mould Industry Association, COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and many other associations and business representatives. These business representatives have expressed their appreciation to OKE products and expressed their joy to the domestic tool brand! This is a confrontation of cutting-edge technology, and even a feast of the thought convergence ! Conclusion     Labor costs have increased year by year, and competition among enterprises has become increasingly fierce. Under the pressure of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, automatic transformation and upgrading has become a major trend. Throughout the world’s industrial powers, they all have their own powerful tool industries and brands. If China wants to move from a big manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country, it must also be supported by a strong tool industry. The development independent tools for stainless steel processing with high-performance and high-reliability is an important part to upgrade the industry level and our country's tool industry.     Over the past 24 years, OKE has always been adhering to the concept of "Obligation Keeps Excellence", serving the manufacturing industry, focusing on the localization of high-end CNC cutting tools and import substitution. After more than 20 years of continuous accumulation in industry segmentation, it has gradually grown into a well-known enterprise with leading technologies and first-class manufacturing equipments.    


Cheer for Furniture Development,OKE Invites You to Enjoy CIFF Together

Exhibits Introduction Showcase No. 1-Carbidesaw tips It can cut all kinds of wood products, ferrous metal products, non-ferrous metal products, composite material products, fiber material products, etc. It is mainly used in cutting tools such as circular saw blades,strip saw, and holecutters etc.   Showcase No.2-Solid carbide saw discs Used for making carbide circular milling cutter or cutter, mainly used forferrous metal products, non-ferrous metal products, composite materials, fiber materials, paper products, etc.     Showcase No. 3-Carbide Rods Used for machining carbide milling cutter, carving knife, mainly used for cutting ferrous metal products, non-ferrous metal products, composite materials products, PCB products,etc.     Showcase No. 4-Other cemented carbide products Carbide drill tips: used for making drilling tools for grooving, planing and drilling in construction field. Carbide scrapper: used for muti-ripping saw blade. Carbide tips for router bits and other special-shaped knife: used for making all kinds of cutters for milling in woodworking. Carbide tips for tire studs:used for cold and wet areas of car tires, hiking boots, ski poles, etc. Carbide strips: use for making various woodworking forming knives. It can process many kinds of wooden furniture such as solid wood, artificial board etc.   Showcase No.5-Cutting tools   CIFF Four Highlights The first phase of the exhibitionwhichoptimizedthe theme andmade anew layout: it is the first ultra-large furniture exhibition in the whole industry chain in China this year. Two special exhibitions leading the new design trend:concentrate on creating two themed special exhibitions of "Contemporary China Furniture Design Exhibition" and "International Future Office Exhibition", to enhance the design level of civil furniture and office furniture. Simultaneous online and offline exhibitions with three major ports: innovative exhibition and marketing models, three onlineinlets for PC, mobile, and short video platforms. Relying on the digital exhibition system, it brings visitors the same wonderful online and offline exhibition platform . Four major channels to activate new market potential: actively unite multipleparties, deploy4 major channels, further expand professionalvisitor invitation channels, deeply excavate the potential of the domestic and overseas markets,helpthe home furnishing enterprises & industry to break through the difficulty and growin adversity.

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