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  Steel processing inserts
  OC2325, OC2325S: suitable for semi-fine and finishing of steel under continuous and light intermittent conditions.
  OC2330, OC2330S: suitable for semi-fine and rough machining of steel under rough and strong intermittent conditions.



  Cast iron processing inserts
  OC3210: with a very good wear resistance, suitable for gray iron and spherical iron stable working conditions of semi-finish and finish processing;
  OC3220: has better impact resistance performance, more suitable for large cutting depth, feed, bad working conditions, rough machining and semi-finishing.
  -OKM chip breaker: suitable for semi-fine and finishing of continuous / light gray casting iron and ductile casting iron;
  -OKR chip breaker: suitable for high-speed/high-feed processing, roughing and strong interrupted processing of gray cast iron and ductile iron.



  New grade WF13H30 of mold milling insert
  Including the FM901 series, the RM01 series;
  Adopt a new coating process, with quite good impact resistance and wear resistance;
  Especially suitable for steel milling below HRC40.


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